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New to Luxe Skin Bar?

We all start somewhere!
It might be a little confusing figuring out which service would be best to address your skin concerns.

This is why we require new clients to schedule a consultation with Kristie beforehand!
During your consultation, Kristie will help build a treatment plan for you as well as get you on a professional home care regimen so you can further improve your results from treatments as well as maintain those results!

*$100 of your consultation fee may be applied towards home care product.*


Our favorite treatment add ons

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Untitled design (20).png
Ultrasonic Extractions
Remove peach fuzz and dead skin with dermaplaning to achieve soft skin and a radiant glow
Blackheads? White heads? Deep congestion? Get them extracted during your treatment
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LED Light Therapy
LED light therapy is amazing for killing P. Acne bacteria, increasing collagen production, and reducing inflammation.
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