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The Process Of Becoming A Client

If you're reading this, this means you are interested in becoming a client at Luxe Skin Bar!

We try our absolute best to make this process as easy and simple as can be for new clients. At Luxe Skin Bar, we take great pride in being a skin revision clinic.
We strive for every client to see a positive difference in their skin. 
1st step: In-Clinic or Virtual Consultation
We highly encourage all clients to schedule a consultation. This allows Kristie, your aesthetician, to get a better understanding of what your skin concerns are, going forward with a treatment plan, and also build you a professional home care regimen for optimal results.
This also helps you get an understanding of what our intentions are for you and your skin.

We offer a few different options for consultations:

- Virtual Consultation: This is for anyone who is out-of-state, but would love to work with us virtually. Although you will be unable to receive treatments, we are still able to build you a home care regimen and ship out products to you! After your consultation and sending out your new home care products, Kristie will do regular check-ups with you to see if there are any questions or concerns you have, and to ensure you are staying consistent with your home care in order to achieve your desired results. The virtual consultation fee is a one-time fee & covers for Kristie being your virtual aesthetician after your consultation is complete.
FEE: $200 ($100 may be applied towards home care products)
*This is a one time fee

- In-Clinic Consultation: This is a in-clinic consultation where you will meet Kristie in person and express what changes you are wanting to make with your skin. This is a 45 minute consultation where Kristie will go over home care product, diet, and lifestyle changes that may need to be made in order to achieve your desired results. Kristie will also build a treatment plan for you.
FEE: $200 ($100 may be applied towards home care products)
*This is a one time fee

- Consultation + Treatment: This is a consultation and treatment all in one appointment! You will receive a custom facial (1 hr & 30 mins) and a consultation (up to 45 mins) going over homecare, diet, lifestyle changes, and treatment plans tailored for your skin.
FEE: $300 ($100 may be applied towards home care products)
*This is a one time fee
Fee breakdown:
Consultation: $200
Custom facial: Normally $145, you pay $100 ($45 OFF)
= $300.

2nd step: Treatments
At this point, Kristie has created a treatment plan for you. Whether that is facials, chemical peels, microneedling, acne bootcamp, or DMK enzyme therapy. Results are best achieved through consistency. Unfortunately, receiving skin treatments only a few times a year will not achieve any results, especially if you are not on a professional home care regimen. We encourage all clients to be consistent with their treatments.
Facials: every 4-6 weeks
Chemical peels: (depending on the depth of peel) every 6-8 weeks
Microneedling: every 6-8 weeks
Acne bootcamp: every 2 weeks
DMK enzyme therapy: every 4-6 weeks.

3rd step: Be patient
Be patient! we understand how frustrating it can be to not see results right away. It takes time and consistency which is why we encourage all clients to begin a professional home care regimen to maintain and boost their results in between treatments and even after achieving your desired results.

4th step: Maintain
Maintain your results with your professional home care regimen and still receive treatments at least every 6-8 weeks. If you are a virtual client, let Kristie know when you are running low on products. Running out of your home care products and going weeks or months without those products will start backtracking the progress you have achieved.


"Do I have to schedule a consultation?"
We don't require new clients to schedule a consultation for facials, but we do require new clients to schedule a consultation for acne bootcamp, microneedling, chemical peels, and DMK enzyme therapy. These are our skin revision treatments that require multiple sessions and a professional home care regimen in order to start these treatments. 

"What if I don't have the funds for treatments?"
Skin is an investment. We understand that most of these services are not the most budget-friendly, which is why we are partnered with Cherry Pay. Cherry Pay allows you to pay for your services and/or product in installment payments. Apply for Cherry Pay here.

"I already have a professional home care regimen, do I still have to schedule a consultation?"
Even if you are on a professional home care regimen, we still require new clients who are wanting to begin our skin revision treatments to schedule a consultation with Kristie beforehand.

"How much will professional home care cost me?"
We try our absolute best to work within our clients budget, but we recommend budgeting a minimum of $200 for your initial home care purchase.

"Can I incorporate some professional products into my drugstore / ulta / sephora routine?"
We do not recommend clients combining professional products with drugstore, ulta, or sephora products as these products may hinder the professional products from working.
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