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Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

What is it?: Acne bootcamp is a multi-month committed bootcamp program that includes a comprehensive consultation and skin analysis that allows us to build a treatment plan specifically catering to your skins needs! Acne bootcamp helps diminish even the most stubborn types of acne.

How does it work?: The client will first begin with a consultation. This thorough consultation will go over all things acne, how to get clear and stay clear, lifestyle habits triggering the acne, foods that trigger acne, what acne is, and what the client should expect with this program. During this consultation, Kristie will decide if acne bootcamp is right for the client. If the client is a candidate for acne bootcamp, Kristie will create a required custom Face Reality home care regimen that the client will use every day.

The client will receive bi-weekly acne treatments until they are clear. This program typically lasts around 3-4 months or until the client is clear - this also depends on the severity of the acne and the clients commitment and consistency with treatments and home care. Non-inflamed acne types will take longer to clear.

Who is it for?: Anyone with acne that covers 30% or more of the face. Inflamed, non-inflamed, and cystic acne.

What are the benefits?: Diminishes even the most stubborn acne, scarring, texture, pore size, and uneven skin tone.

How many treatments and how long will the results last?: 6-8 treatments. 2 treatments per month for around 4 months. Results will last as long as the client continues the home care regimen and receives skin treatments to maintain the results after they are clear every 4-8 weeks.

Is there any downtime?: Although there is typically no serious down time with acne bootcamp, we advise all acne clients to limit sun exposure while on the acne bootcamp program. Chemical peels will be performed to diminish the acne, therefore the acne client will need to limit sun exposure and to wear daily spf.

What is the cost?: Acne bootcamp is offered in 2 different ways.
MEMBERSHIP: $65.00 every 2 weeks ($130 a month) until they are clear.

PACKAGE: $420.00 upfront (You save $100 on your bootcamp program for purchasing it upfront.)
HOMECARE PRODUCT: A minimum of $200 (this will include tax and possible shipping fee)

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